What Are Bonkio Cheats?

bonkio cheats

An intelligent game, Bonk.io needs you to bounce a small ball across the screen and ensure that the gameplay is improved with Bonkio cheats.

Bonk.io is a smart game where you need to bounce a tiny ball across your monitor while taking care that it does not touch any dark object or fall down during the bouncing. There are different types of Bonkio hacks and cheats available to make the game more exciting and useful for players. Find out about some of the best Bonkio cheats that can add to your game-playing experience.

Bonkio Cheats: Bonus Room

The bonus room is a place where you have to spin the Bonk many times to be able to stay ahead of coming in contact with the land surface. You need to set button 2 to the maximum level to be able to do this. Ensure that you keep on pressing the button until you can touch the land and get 5 men.

It is necessary for you to create a map here. You have to register your game to be able to create skins, use the level system and apply the game-level editor. Once you register your game and then win it, you can move up levels. While making a room of your own, you may set a password and then adjust the limit of players to as many as 8. Also, many players are looking into Bonkio cheats on the internet.

  • Auto Jump
  • Auto Spawn
  • Auto Skin
  • Free Skins
  • Movement Hack
  • Jump Hack
  • Extra Features+

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bonkio cheats

Getting 1-ups

You can get a number of concealed 1-up all through your game. When the 1 – 1 level starts, you can pass right up to the far left area of your screen. Make the Bonk jump and land straight on its head. You can find a minute flower after this, and give it a head butt to have a single flower or a bunch of flowers landing from the sky. Grab it. Just when it lands you can find another wonderful flower appearing on the screen. Jump atop it and obtain a 1-up.

At the main round boss elevator / skull elevator, you have to jump straight atop the skull head just as it opens its mouth. Move ahead with an elegant spin and jump directly into the green while keeping your hold right. You can get an extra 1-up in this way. This is one of the most important Bonkio cheats.

Destroying Underwater Turtles

This is another cheat for Bonk.io game, and requires you to eliminate all the underwater turtles from Level 3 to Level 5.

Other than these, you can use various features such as game-level editor or regulate the room style for Team and Free for All in order to boost the cooperation of players in the game. There are plenty of tools in the game, such as a chat system, for greeting messages and the latest tactics speeches.

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