How To Play Bonkio Physics Ball Game?


A physics ball game, Bonkio or demands you to attempt to crush all adversaries in the game for survival and be the last player standing. This is possibly among the best bounce multiplayer IO games available at present.

What Does Bonkio Game Include? creator is Chaz. In Bonkio game, you can begin by bouncing a small ball across the screen without dropping down or coming in contact with any black objects. In every match, you have to attempt and get rid of every other player. You may start playing with gamers from across the globe or play with your buddies in single matches or in team matches.

Bonkio allows you to pick between two modes:

  • Custom Game – You can develop custom games and install it in a custom mode in any way that you prefer.
  • Quick Play – In this mode, you can get into the game very fast.

As a player, you can develop various levels and maps on your own. For this, you have to register in order to unlock skins, a level editor, and other special things. The game, in its latest version, lets you use classic bonk, football, and volleyball to create a space of your own.


How You Can Play Game?

You can use various keys to play Bonkio.

  • Use the Up arrow, to jump.
  • Use X, when it gets heavy and you wish to exit.
  • Use the arrow keys to ensure proper movement and get an increase in momentum, so that you can topple and eliminate your foes. With proper use of arrow keys, it can be tougher to push you and difficult to exploit you.
  • Press Enter to chat with the other players in Bonkio.

There are various Bonkio hacks, tricks, and strategies to win the game. Unless absolutely necessary, you should not move much. You can win with this easy strategy. At times, however, you have to move out of your safe zone and decimate other players. You can do this by jumping over them and kicking them on the black objects and off the edges. You should always remember to press X while falling down, in order to attack your foes and pound them down.

If you wish to jump high, just hold up the arrow key when you jump and hold it down when you fall. It will help you to jump very high in order to prevent attacks from foes, and plan hits and strikes on your enemies.

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