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In the section below we are going to refer to a listing of cheats, Easter eggs, codes, tips, and additional secrets for Bonk’s escapade for TurboGrafx-16.  You will also find these on some sites online. All of those players of the game who’ve found out a cheat that you are going to wish adding anything / have an alteration are requested visiting such pages and clicking EDIT for adding it.

Additional Lives In Bonus Rooms

The bonus room happens to be a room where you require spinning as numerous times as you’re able to ahead of hitting the land. You require setting button 2 to its uppermost level. You must make sure that you keep it pressed till you touch the land for receiving 5 men. This is among the hacks and cheats. cheats

Hidden 1-ups for Cheats

Other cheats are the more than a few hidden 1-Ups dotted rights through the game. Read on to know the way of finding three of these.

At the onset of 1-1 level, you traverse right up the extreme left perimeter of the monitor. Have Bonk take a jump and land right on top of his head. A minute flower is going to come into sight. Headbutt this and one more flowers are going to descend from the heavens. Get hold of it. At the time that it makes a landing, a great flower will come into view. Leap on top of it to get a 1-up.

At the foremost skull elevator (primary round boss elevator) you make a jump right on top of the head of the skull right on it opening its mouth. Proceed with the execution of a lofty spin and take a jump straight into the green and continue holding right. You’re going to grab an additional 1-up.

Another one of this set of cheats is the knocking out of undersea turtles in the level from 3 through to 5.

  • Auto Jump
  • Auto Spawn
  • Auto Skin
  • Free Skins
  • Movement Hack
  • Jump Hack
  • Extra Features+

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