How to Play Fullscreen? fullscreen is amongst the most entertaining io games that have been made till now. The best way of describing this is as an MMO physics as well as tactics game in which you shove other players right off the monitor. A maximum of 8 players is allowed to take part in a single battle. As has been created by the use of flash technology you can play fullscreen on your PC.


Combat your pals or additional players from the world over. Push other players by the use of diverse tactics as well as strategies off this game canvas (monitor) to be the final man/lady standing for winning this game.

You have the option of creating or joining any existing map/ room and commence playing. Rooms are formable with diverse scenarios as well as objects. These are objects that are place able in any area of the canvas and in any way. You, as a player, can rebound off such objects and additional players. fullscreen happens to be the name of the original game mode, However, you are free to pick additional custom modes/maps that are the creation of others of the community. You also have the freedom of sharing the modes that you’ve fashioned for other players to play in. A number of trendy maps are ‘duck and cover’, ‘football’, and more. In addition, controls are simple for all players.

There are more than a few tactics that you are free to make use of for helping you prevail over additional players.  One such tactic is referred to as the ‘Jake Strat’strategy. It got its name from the user who had made use of it first, named Jake McCarter. This is a tactic that involves being stranded in a secure part of this game and passing up contact with additional players. This tactic is regarded as a secure but gutless one and is disliked and discouraged by numerous players as it robs the game of its fun.

Playing The Game in Fullscreen

As has been created by the use of flash technology you can play fullscreen on your PC. Switching to fullscreen mode’s very simple and just requires a click of a button. You can also play the unblocked version in fullscreen.

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