How To Create Avatars? avatars is an online physics game that allows players to customize their own avatars. The avatars can be created using the “customize” option in your menu.

How To Create Your Own Avatars? is a wonderful game where you get to “bonk” your opponents from the map. The game begins with six players. As you advance into the gameplay, you will have more fun and better challenges. game 2021 is one of the most addictive physics games on the market. Every now and then, the game releases new challenges. This is why hundreds (if not thousands) of players are glued to

What makes the game much more interesting would be the avatars. You can create and customize your own avatars.

With this being said, let’s learn how to customize a new avatar.

Bonkio Avatars – Step #1

As you launch, you will have access to a menu with four options. You can select “quick play”, “custom game”, “news” or “customize”.

Select “Customize” in this menu. The “Customize” menu will redirect you to a new page with four different sections. You will come across the layers, preview, layer properties, and save option. To begin with your new avatars, you must select a color. Click on “Base color” to change your avatar’s color. avatars

Next, you should choose one of the layers. allows players to add eight different layers. You can use the layers to create fancy avatars. Click on a layer and select the “shape” you want. This will add a shape to the bonk (nothing but a big colored circle). To adjust the position and size of the shape that just got added, you must change “scale”, “x” and “y” in the layer properties panel.

When it comes to layer properties, you can change the following attributes:

  • Shape – This is a read-only To change the chosen shape, you must select “layers”.
  • X – adjusts the horizontal position of the shape added.
  • Y – adjusts the vertical position of the shape added.
  • Angle – rotates the shape at the mentioned angle.
  • Scale – increases or decreases the size of the shape
  • Flip-left/right – creates a mirror image of the shape.
  • Flip-up/down – creates a reflection of the shape.
  • Color – you can change the color of the shape added.

Once the required avatar is created, you must click on “Save”. The “Save” panel which is displayed at the bottom will help you “save” or “cancel” the changes made.

This feature is enabled only for account holders. The changes will not be saved for guest avatars are commonly known to players as skins 2020.

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