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About Bonk-io.net

Bonk-io.net is a website which started to serve content to visitors in October 2017. Bonk.io is a popular game for players who like playing strategy io game against other players. Bonk.io game has an account, level system and different maps. Bonk-io.net has been sharing content about bonk.io game which are bonk.io guide, bonk.io mods, bonk.io tips, bonk.io tactics and bonk.io private servers. There are several websites on the internet that allow to play bonk.io with extension and share different tactics, tips and tricks for bonk.io game. Bonk-io.net has been found to players of the game with the goal of delivering the most righteous and reliable information about this game.

Official language of bonk-io.net is English. Bonk-io.net’s server is in Washington, D.C. and Dallas, TX – United States. This site has been using wordpress system.


For Players: contact@bonk-io.net
For Developers: admin@bonk-io.net

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